How do you know when it is over?


The same way you know that it’s just begun. There’s some maddening madness to it and then it just gets peaceful. And it might be over, it might be not over but you can feel that something has changed. You can feel something which is there and it just feels different. And you can’t force yourself to know unless you know. Because that’s when you know. But nothing ends, nothing magically turns itself into nothing. Things break and emotions change but the bigger picture is: constant transcendence. Within others. Within yourself. Feel it. 



mom’s got your back. and you’ve got hers. 

photos by (click pic): 1.joe penney in mali; 2. stephanie sinclair in ethiopia; 3. yury pustovoy in vietnam; 4. jessica dimmock in burkina faso; 5,6. niranjan shrestha in kathmandu, nepal; 7. eugene hoshiko in chongqing, china; 8. zsolt repasy in kajuru, nigeria; 9. frans lanting in botswana’s okavango river; 10. eric valli in the nepalese himalayas.

“One day I will tell you what I’ve been.
It will scare you.”

Yrsa Daley-Ward, “revelation,” bone



Cameron Monaghan, photographed by Brian Higbee for INTERVIEW, Aug 2014.

he’s finally going to be big after The Giver I think. and I’m happy for him.

suits him so much better than blonde


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“Worrying is praying for something you don’t want.”

– Bhagavan Das (via dew-rite)



The Penguins of Madagascar | November 26, 2014


“My poor mother
begged for a sheep
but raised a wolf.”

Michelle K., Four Rhythms. (via michellekpoems)